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Why Drink From a Water Bottle When You Can Eat This Blob Instead?

The new water blob, Ooho, could be a viable alternative to the plastic water bottle.

Trapped inside two layers of membrane made of brown algae and calcium chloride, water is released from the glob of liquid when its casing is punctured. The membrane can then either be eaten or thrown away, similar to the skin of an apple.

Though it’s not as sturdy as a water bottle, García González said a collection of smaller Oohos could be kept in a bigger one with a thicker membrane to prevent unwanted spills (and so that not all of the water has to be consumed in one fell swoop) and its double-membrane design would keep the product hygienic (you could peel back the first one and sip from the second). It may not be the neatest way to hydrate, as seen in this Fast Company video, but according to García González smaller Oohos will be easier to sip without getting wet.

Rolls-Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom


Rolls-Royce recently released its one of a kind Pinnacle Travel Phantom for the Beijing 2014 Auto show. This two-tone special edition Phantom features a custom Silver Sand and Madeira Red paint job. The interior cabin a grand total of 230 laser cut wood veneer pieces, leather door cards with 24,633 individual stitches, lambswool floor mats, and Morello Red leather seats matching the exterior of the vehicle.


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